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  Races marked "B" are suitable for beginners and are not judged on straight knees.

August 2016
27th 1000m/3000m/
London Inter Club Challenge/Enfield League B Allianz Park, London
27th 10,000m Open Walks/Essex Championships A Southend-on-Sea, Essex
27th - 28th 24 hour 3rd Wadelincourt 24 hours B Wadelincourt, BELGIUM
28th 3000m/5000m U15/U17 England Athletics Championships A Bedford
28th var Vets AC T&F Championship A Kingsmeadow, Kingston-upon-Thames
30th 1 mile Southend 1 mile/George Woods Trophy B Garon Park, Southend
30th 3000m Woodford Tuesday Walks A Ashton Playing Fields, Essex
September 2016
2nd 3k Sarnia Road Walk B Vale, Guernsey
3rd 2k Jim Sharlott Walks/YAG Walk B Abbey Park, Leicester
3rd 2k/10k Jim Sharlott Walks/BMAF Championships A Abbey Park, Leicester
3rd var Youth Development League Final A Alexander Stadium, Birmingham
4th 19.4 mile 80th Church to Church Walk B St.Peter Port, Guernsey
4th 20k Manx 20k Championships A NSC, Douglas, Isle of Man
4th 2000m Midland Veterans League Final A Nuneaton
10th 2 hours R&Z Smith Trophy Track Walk B Bury AC Track, Lancashire
11th var Eastern Veterans League Final A Bedford
11th var/3000m Sussex & Surrey T&F Championships A Sutton, Surrey
11th 1k/2k/3k/5k Jeff Ford Open Walks/YAG GP A Sheffield
17th var ESAA Championships A Exeter
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17th - 18th 3000m/5000m B.M.A.F. Championships A Alexander Stadium, Birmingham
17th - 18th 28 hours 63eme 28 Heures De Roubaix a La Marche B Roubaix, FRANCE
18th var Ramsey Bakery End to End Walk B Isle of Man
23rd var South Yorkshire League 8 A Millhouses Park, Sheffield
24th var Enfield League B TBA
24th - 25th 100k/100 mile USA Centurion Walk B New York, USA
28th 5k/10k PSUK & Civil Service Champs, inc Ryan Cup match B Cannonhill Park, Birmingham
October 2016
2nd 50k 81st RWA National 50k Championships/IAAF Permit Meeting B Hillingdon, London
2nd 50k/var 2nd Festival of Race Walking A Hillingdon, London
2nd 50k Dutch National Championships A Tilburg, HOLAND
7th var South Yorkshire League 9 A Millhouses Park, Sheffield
8th 10k Albert Rigby Shield B Sutton Macclesfield, Cheshire
8th var Enfield League B TBA
9th 2k/3k/5k/10k Midland Winter League 1 B Stourport
9th var/1 hour Isle of Man Challenge Walks B NSC, Douglas, Isle of Man
9th 2k/4k/6k/10k Northern Winter League/Soup and Roll League (TBC) B Bolserstone, Yorkshire
12th 2k Soup and Roll League/Dexter Cup 7 B Colburn, Yorkshire
22nd - 25th 100 mile African Centurion Walk B Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
23rd - 29th 6 days 6 jours de France B Privas, FRANCE
26th - 2nd Nov 5000m/10k/20k World Masters Track & Field Championships A Perth, AUSTRALIA
30th 2k/3k/5k/10k Midland Winter League 2 B Alexander Stadium, Birmingham
30th var Manx Winter League 1 A NSC, Douglas, Isle of Man
November 2016
5th AGM 109th Lancashire WC AGM B Simister, Lancashire
12th var Enfield Walking League B TBA
13th 2 mile/10k YRWC Open Walks/Soup and Roll League B Culgaith, Cumbria
16th 2k Soup and Roll League/Dexter Cup 8 B Colburn, Yorkshire
19th 10k Steyning Open Walk B Steyning, Sussex
20th 2k/3k/5k/10k Midland Winter League 3 B Coventry
26th var Enfield League B TBA
27th var Manx Winter League 2 A Andreas Village, Isle of Man
December 2016
3rd 10k Dick Maxwell Memorial & Christmas Handicap B Simister, Lancashire
18th 2k/5k/10k Northern Winter League 4/Soup and Roll League/Dexter Cup 9 B Kirkby Fleetham, Yorkshire
18th var Alf Palmer Memorial Walks B Horsham, Surrey
18th var Manx Winter League 3 A TBA
26th var Brighton Boxing Day Walks B Preston Park, Brighton
March 2017
4th 24 hour Bourges 24 hours B Bourges, FRANCE
19th - 25th 3k/5k World Masters Indoor Championships A Daegu, SOUTH KOREA
April 2017
21st - 30th var World Masters Games A Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
June 2017
4th var/50k 115th Annual Holt Bradford Whitsun Walk (A/B) B Kirkby Fleetham, Yorkshire
24th - 25th var/85 mile Parish Walk B Isle of Man
July 2017
12th - 16th var World Youth Athletic Championships A Nairobi, KENYA
August 2017
6th 20k World Athletic Championships A London
12th 50k World Athletic Championships A London
September 2017
16th English Schools Championships A Boston
April 2018
4th - 15th 20k/50k XXI Commonwealth Games A Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
July 2018
27th - 6 Aug 5k/20k European Masters Championships A Aarhus, DENMARK
September 2018
8th - 20th World Masters Championships A TBA
15th var English Schools Championships A Bedford
July 2020
1st - 31st 20k/50km XXXII Olympic Games A Tokyo, JAPAN