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  Date:    14 July 1908      View all races for this date    Re-order by age grade
  Distance:    3.5km
  Race:    IV Olympic Games Mens 3,500m Walk (FINAL)  
  Location:    London, ENGLAND

Webb, Goulding, and Harrison were the early leaders. Harrison was disqualified shortly after Larner passed him. By the end of the first mile, the top four spots had solidified into the final positions. Larner had passed the field, bumping Webb to second place, while Kerr had managed to overtake Goulding.

 Gender   Position   Athlete   Age Group   Grade   Club   Time   

  M   1     George Larner   SM       WORLD GBR     00:14:55.0      
  M   2     Ernest Webb   SM       WORLD GBR     00:15:07.4      
  M   3     Harry Kerr   SM       WORLD NZL     00:15:43.4      
  M   4     George Goulding   SM       WORLD CAN     00:15:49.8      
  M   5     Arthur Rowland         WORLD NZL     00:16:07.0      
  M   6     Charles Vestergaard         WORLD DNK     00:17:21.8      
  M   7     Einar Rothman   U23M       WORLD DNK     00:17:50.0      

  M   DQ     Richard Harrison     WORLD GBR   -    
  M   DNF     William Palmer   SM   WORLD GBR   -