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  Date:    21 February 2009      View all races for this date    Re-order by age grade
  Distance:    10 mile
  Race:    National Championships/Enfield League  
  Location:    Lee Valley, London

Glorious weather and great organisation greeted the 64 starters from more than 20 clubs around the UK. Numbers would have been even greater but more than a dozen British walkers are lined up for the Lugano Grand Prix in a fortnight.

A very fast pace was set from the start. No-one from the leading group wished to be the first to ease off. The "naughty board" soon filled up and DQs took out some of the leaders.

Bob Dobson was hauled over the bonnet of a car and very nearly assaulted by an irate driver, after expressing an opinion when he was nearly driven over. Officials were able to intervene in time, but Bob was unfortunately DQd shortly afterwards.

The team from Guernsey were well rewarded for travelling to the mainland when they secured the Mens team Bronze medals.

The Redcar Ladies deservedly won the team title after showing impressive form. Redcar impressed all round after their men also won the silver medals, in addition to producing the overall winner of the race.

Special mention goes to Martin Cooke. He had never racewalked and was only shown the techinque half an hour before by Michael Doyle, who had talked him into trying it.

 Gender   Position   Athlete   Age Group   Grade   Club   Time   

  F   1     Lisa Kehler   W40           01:22:27      
  F   2     Fiona McGorum   U23W           01:28:37      
  F   3     Diane Bradley   W45           01:30:04      
  F   4     Helen Middleton   W45           01:35:23      
  F   5     Chelsea O Rawe-Hobbs   U20W           01:37:41      
  F   6     Angela-Maria Paddick   SW           01:38:54      
  F   7     Maureen Noel   W45           01:38:55      
  F   8     Anne Belchambers Jones   W50           01:40:57      
  F   9     Karen Wears   W35           01:41:17      
  F   10     Laurayne Readman   W45           01:47:27      
  F   11     Rebecca Collins   U20W           01:48:17      
  F   12     Fiona Bishop   W45           01:48:37      
  F   13     Sue Rey   W50           01:51:10      
  F   14     Sarah Lightman   W35           01:53:49      
  F   15     Jo Miles   W50           01:55:56      
  F   16     Serena Queeney   W55           02:00:52      

  M   1     Ben Wears   U20M           01:10:22      
  M   2     Luke Finch   SM           01:11:34      
  M   3     Michael Doyle   U23M           01:15:05      
  M   4     Mark O Kane   U20M       Cov     01:15:16      
  M   5     Scott Davis   SM       Ilf     01:16:15      
  M   6     Carl Thomson   M40           01:18:30      
  M   7     Paul Evenett   M40           01:19:33      
  M   8     Trevor Jones   M50           01:21:34      
  M   9     Jim Ball   M45           01:21:53      
  M   10     Ian Richards   M60           01:24:36      
  M   11     Jason Le Noury   U23M           01:25:04      
  M   12     Stephen Crane   SM           01:27:13      
  M   13     John Hall   M60           01:27:22      
  M   14     Steve Arnold   M45           01:27:35      
  M   15     Arthur Thomson   M70           01:30:59      
  M   16     Chris Berwick   M60           01:31:54      
  M   17     Phil Lockwood   M35           01:32:12      
  M   18     Steve Uttley   M50       Ilf     01:32:55      
  M   19     John Constandinou   M35           01:33:43      
  M   20     Carl Lawton   M60           01:35:09      
  M   21     Mark Byrne   M45           01:35:18      
  M   22     Ron Penfold   M65           01:35:30      
  M   23     Shaun Lightman   M65           01:38:14      
  M   24     Mark Culshaw   M40           01:38:15      
  M   25     Dave Sharpe   M55       Ilf     01:38:17      
  M   26     Andy Millbank   M45           01:38:22      
  M   27     Alan Ellam   M50           01:39:29      
  M   28     Andy Cox   M55           01:40:19      
  M   29     Mick Harran   M70           01:40:54      
  M   30     Chris Flint   M60           01:41:02      
  M   31     Paul King   M55           01:42:53      
  M   32     Peter Crane   M60           01:45:24      
  M   33     Ron Powell   M70           01:46:38      
  M   34     Martin Cooke             01:47:45      
  M   35     Kevin Le Noury   M50           01:49:26      
  M   36     Tony Kelly         Ilf     01:49:31      
  M   37     Sean Pender   M55           01:50:38      
  M   38     John Borgars   M60           01:51:10      
  M   39     Jon May   M55           01:52:45      
  M   40     Peter Howard   M65           01:56:57      
  M   41     Bernie Hercock   M70           01:58:37      
  M   42     David Hoben   M55           02:02:57      
  M   43     Ken Livermore   M75           02:06:08      

  M   DQ     Daniel King   SM     -    
  M   DQ     Dominic King   SM     -    
  M   DQ     Amos Seddon   M65     -    
  M   DQ     Bob Dobson   M65   Ilf   -    
  M   DQ     Mark Wall   M50     -    

 Position  Race  Club
  1   Mens Team      
  2   Mens Team      
  3   Mens Team      
  4   Mens Team     Ilford AC  
  5   Mens Team      
  6   Mens Team      
  1   Womens Team      
  2   Womens Team      
  3   Womens Team