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Event Results

  Date:    24 January 2009      View all races for this date    Re-order by age grade
  Distance:    15km
  Race:    Steyning Open Road Walk  
  Location:    Steyning, Sussex

After a frosty night the competitors were expecting a cold trip out and back in the Sussex lanes. In fact a reasonable field of 18 enjoyed a trip out in the sunshine with beautiful views all the way, the only downside being the hard effort of racing over almost ten miles of hills. The Steyning Clubhouse provided the usual pleasant and very welcome refreshments and atmosphere just before the temperature went down with the sun.

 Gender   Position   Athlete   Age Group   Grade   Club   Time   

  F   1     Helen Middleton   W45   76.95%     E&H     01:29:08      
  F   2     Anne Belchambers Jones   W50   78.68%     Steyn     01:34:34      
  F   3     Fiona Bishop   W45   71.85%     AFD     01:38:14      
  F   4     Jo Miles   W50   69.53%     Hill     01:45:50      

  M   1     Mark Easton   M45   84.17%     Sy WC     01:13:21      
  M   2     Trevor Jones   M50   88.25%     Steyn     01:14:02      
  M   3     Jim Ball   M45   82.87%     Steyn     01:14:30      
  M   4     Ian Richards   M60   88.35%     Steyn     01:19:22      
  M   5     Steve Uttley   M50   75.75%     Ilf     01:25:33      
  M   6     Arthur Thomson   M70   93.52%     E&H     01:26:00      
  M   7     Carl Lawton   M60   80.98%     Belg     01:27:26      
  M   8     Andy Cox   M55   76.18%     Hill     01:28:43      
  M   9     Laurence Dordoy   M50   73.02%     Ilf     01:30:14      
  M   10     Chris Flint   M60   78.57%     Lon V     01:32:58      
  M   11     Peter Crane   M60   76.05%     Sy WC     01:36:03      
  M   12     Sean Pender   M55   69.43%     E&H     01:36:31      
  M   13     Peter Hannell   M65   76.91%     Sy WC     01:37:06      
  M   14     Bernie Hercock   M70   75.55%     E&H     01:46:27      

 Position  Race  Club
  1   Mens Team     Steyning AC  
  2   Mens Team     Surrey WC  
  3   Mens Team     Enfield & Haringey AC  
  4   Mens Team     Ilford AC