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 Name  Club

    Raatgever, Roger     Unattached (IOM)
    Racz, Sandor     Overseas
    Rácz, Sándor     Overseas
    Radcliffe, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Radcliffe, Dereck     Unattached (IOM)
    Radcliffe, Ernie     Unattached (IOM)
    Radcliffe, Michael     Unattached (IOM)
    Radcliffe, Richard     Manx Harriers
    Rafferty, Tim     Schools
    Ragan, Alex     Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
    Rahimian, Ebrahim     Overseas
    Rainer, J.     Unattached
    Raisbeck, Mark     Unattached (IOM)
    Rakovic, Aleksandar     Overseas
    Ralph, John     Enfield & Haringey AC
    Ralph, Toby     Tonbridge AC
    Ralston, Frank     Unattached (IOM)
    Ramage, Andy     Unattached (IOM)
    Ramsden, Lee     Unattached (IOM)
    Ramster, Robert     Boys Brigade
    Rand, Darrel     Ashford AC
    Rand, William     Unattached (IOM)
    Randall, Caldric     Unattached (IOM)
    Randall, David     Other Clubs
    Randall, Nicholas     Unattached
    Randles, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Ransome, Mike     Metros AC
    Ratcliffe, Dave     Coventry Godiva Harriers
    Ratcliffe, George Michael     Unattached (IOM)
    Ratcliffe, Peter     Bromley Veterans
    Ratcliffe, William     Pembrokeshire Harriers AAC
    Rath, Emmerich     Overseas
    Raven, D.     Unattached
    Rawling, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Rawlins, Bill     Bromsgrove & Redditch AC
    Rawlinson, C.     Schools
    Ray, Alan     Unattached (IOM)
    Ray, Chris     Unattached
    Ray, Dominic     Unattached
    Ray, Paul     Enfield & Haringey AC
    Rayner, Robert     Unattached (IOM)
    Rayney, Duncan     Loughton AC
    Read, Dennis     Unattached
    Read, George     Northern AC
    Read, H.     Schools
    Read, Harry     Northern AC
    Read, James     Northern AC
    Reading, J.     Schools - Eastbourne College
    Readman, Graham     Redcar RWC
    Readshaw, Juan     Unattached (IOM)
    Readshaw, Mike     Manx Harriers
    Reddaway, Paul     Herts Pheonix AC
    Redfearn, Brian     Unattached (IOM)
    Redfern, Matthew     Nuneaton Harriers
    Redfern, Samuel     Nuneaton Harriers
    Redman, Toby     Tonbridge AC
    Redmond, Jonathan     Unattached (IOM)
    Redmond, Patrick     Unattached (IOM)
    Reece, M.     Hastings AC
    Reed, G.     Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers
    Reed, M.     Royal Mail - London Post
    Reed, Patrick     Unattached (IOM)
    Reed, S.     Royal Mail
    Reed, Thomas     Unattached (IOM)
    Reeder, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Rees, Alex     Unattached
    Reid, Archie     Schools - Fittleworth
    Reid, Garry     Unattached (IOM)
    Reid, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Reid, Jim     Manx Fell Runners
    Reid, John J.     unmarked or unknown club
    Reid, Patrick     Unattached (IOM)
    Reid, Stuart     Unattached
    Reilly, D.     Royal Mail
    Reinard, R.     Royal Mail - Mount Pleasant
    Reis, Francisco     Ilford AC
    Relf, Darren     Unattached
    Rendell, Mick     Invicta East Kent
    Rendon, James     Overseas
    Rennie, Hans     Overseas
    Renouf, Charles     Jersey Spartan AC
    Renshaw, Paul     Northern AC
    Renshaw, Rennie     Unattached (IOM)
    Revel-Chion, Alberto     Unattached (IOM)
    Revere, Kelvin     Unattached (IOM)
    Rew, Quentin     Overseas
    Reynolds, Andrew     Loughton AC
    Reynolds, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    Reynolds, Dennis     Schools
    Reynolds, Garry     Unattached (IOM)
    Reynolds, Peter     Unattached (IOM)
    Rhodes, Alex     Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
    Rhodes, Christopher     Unattached (IOM)
    Rhodes, D.     Schools
    Rhodes, Harold     Surrey WC
    Riajmakers, Huub     Overseas
    Ricciardi, Carlo Martino     Unattached (IOM)
    Ricciardi, Remo     Unattached (IOM)
    Rice, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Rice, Donald     Unattached (IOM)
    Rice, Nicholas     Unattached (IOM)
    Rice, Sacha     Unattached (IOM)
    Richards, Gavin     Unattached (IOM)
    Richards, Ian     Steyning AC
    Richards, Jordan     Carmarthen Harriers AC
    Richards, Keith     Coventry Godiva Harriers
    Richards, Nathan     Carmarthen Harriers AC
    Richardson, Alan     Unattached (IOM)
    Richardson, Geoff     Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
    Richardson, I.     Abingdon AC
    Richardson, Ian David     Unattached (IOM)
    Richardson, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    Richardson, Paul     Unattached
    Richardson, Ramsey     Unattached (IOM)
    Richardson, Tommy     unmarked or unknown club
    Riches, Ashley     City of Sheffield AC
    Richmond, A.     Royal Mail
    Rickard, Tim     Unattached (IOM)
    Rides, A.     Unattached
    Ridley, Alex     Schools
    Ridley, Stuart     Unattached (IOM)
    Ridley, Tim     Haywards Heath Harriers
    Ridsdale, Alex     Unattached (IOM)
    Ridsdale, Lesley     Unattached (IOM)
    Rigby, Martin     Unattached (IOM)
    Rigby, Robert     Unattached (IOM)
    Riley, Craig     Unattached (IOM)
    Riley, Richard     Unattached (IOM)
    Riley, Ricky     Unattached (IOM)
    Riley, Timothy     Unattached (IOM)
    Rimington, Rowan     Unattached (IOM)
    Rimmington, Ian     Unattached (IOM)
    Rinaldi, Raphael     Unattached
    Ring, Colin     Unattached (IOM)
    Riordan, Cashel     Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers
    Ripamonti, Robbie     Unattached
    Ripamonti, Roderick     Unattached (IOM)
    Rishikeshan, Ramesh     Hillingdon AC
    Rispin, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Ritchie, Craig     Unattached (IOM)
    Riva, Eddy     Overseas
    Roach, Ben     Schools
    Roach, Shaun     Unattached (IOM)
    Robb, Neil     Unattached (IOM)
    Robb, Richard     Lancashire WC
    Robb, William     Unattached (IOM)
    Rober, Gustav     Unattached (IOM)
    Roberts, Alan     Vale of Aylesbury
    Roberts, Callum     Schools
    Roberts, Casey     Unattached (IOM)
    Roberts, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    Roberts, Darrel     Unattached (IOM)
    Roberts, Fred     Tonbridge AC
    Roberts, G.     Royal Mail
    Roberts, M.     Schools
    Roberts, Mark     Unattached (IOM)
    Roberts, P.     Oxford City AC
    Roberts, Richard     Unattached
    Roberts, Sean     Royal Mail
    Roberts, Trevor     Unattached (IOM)
    Robertson, Colin     Unattached (IOM)
    Robertson, David     Overseas
    Robertson, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Robertson, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Robillard, Kieran     Unattached
    Robin, Max     Unattached
    Robinson, Daniel     Unattached
    Robinson, Des     Unattached (IOM)
    Robinson, Edward     Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
    Robinson, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Robinson, John     Isle of Man VAC
    Robinson, Josh     Schools
    Robinson, Matthew     Unattached (IOM)
    Robinson, Michael     Unattached (IOM)
    Robinson, Pat     Unattached (IOM)
    Robinson, Peter     Unattached (IOM)
    Robinson, Philip     Unattached (IOM)
    Robinson, Robert     Unattached (IOM)
    Robinson, Rowan     Unattached (IOM)
    Robinson, Sam     Schools
    Rodrigues, Ken     Stock Exchange AC
    Rodriguez, Jimenez     Overseas
    Roe, J.     Royal Mail
    Roffey, Harry     Schools
    Rogalewski, Marek     Unattached (IOM)
    Rogan, Pierce     Unattached
    Roger, Alan     Sarnia WC
    Rogers, Craig     Unattached (IOM)
    Rogers, Gary     Swindon Harriers
    Rogerson, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Rogowski, Patryk     Overseas
    Rolph, C.     Unattached
    Romanenko, Oleksandr     Overseas
    Romascanu, Gheorghe     Overseas
    Rommeis, Marco     Overseas
    Ronald, Blake     Unattached (IOM)
    Ronald, Noel     Unattached (IOM)
    Ronan, Neil     Unattached (IOM)
    Ronan, Ron     Manx Harriers
    Room, Dean     Steyning AC
    Rooney, M.     Royal Mail
    Rooney, Ricky     Unattached (IOM)
    Rosalino P. Sánchez, Segundo     Overseas
    Rosario, Rafael     Overseas
    Rose, Daniel     Unattached (IOM)
    Rose, George     Schools
    Rose, Hadley     Schools
    Rose, Jack     Unattached
    Rose, Jacob     Schools
    Rose, Joseph     Schools
    Rose, S.     Unattached
    Rosen, G.     Schools
    Rosiewicz, Maciej     Overseas
    Ross, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Ross, Paul     Ashford AC
    Ross, Peter     Schools
    Ross, Tristan     Carmarthen Harriers AC
    Rosser, Jared     Cwmbran Harriers
    Rosser, Richard Dave     Unattached
    Rossouw, Wesley     Unattached (IOM)
    Rotchell, Sam     Unattached (IOM)
    Rothman, Einar     Overseas
    Rothmie, Alex     Other Clubs
    Rothwell, N.     Hastings AC
    Rotich, David     Overseas
    Rough, Steven     Unattached (IOM)
    Roulston, Greg     Havant
    Rowe, Davied Leslie     Unattached (IOM)
    Rowland, Arthur     Overseas
    Rowland, Joshua     Unattached
    Rowland, Mike     Surrey WC
    Rowlands, Liam     Loughton AC
    Rowlands, Mike     Unattached (IOM)
    Rowley, Tony     Unattached (IOM)
    Rowson, Kevin     Unattached (IOM)
    Royle, Cliff     Lancashire WC
    Roze, Eddy     Overseas
    Rubino, Giorgio     Overseas
    Ruddick, Tony     Unattached (IOM)
    Ruddock, Len     Ilford AC
    Rudkin, Paul     Northern Veterans AC
    Ruffel, Andy     Eastbourne Rovers AC
    Ruimers, Piet     Overseas
    Ruiz, William     Blackheath & Bromley Harriers
    Rumbenieks, Arnis     Overseas
    Rundle, M.     Schools
    Rush, Ade     Unattached (IOM)
    Rush, Martin     Trafford AC
    Rushby, Dean     Harborough AC
    Rushton, Tim     Unattached (IOM)
    Russell, Adam     Unattached (IOM)
    Russell, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Russell, Keith     Reading Road Runners
    Russell, Peter     Unattached (IOM)
    Russell, Vandyk     Other Clubs
    Russell, William     Unattached (IOM)
    Russell-Dunn, Jon     Unattached (IOM)
    Russo, Luco     Tonbridge AC
    Ruston, M.     Long Distance Walkers Association
    Rutherford, Ashley     Schools
    Rutter, Adam     Overseas
    Ruzavin, Andrey     Overseas
    Ryan, Dale     Unattached (IOM)
    Ryan, Harry     Unattached
    Ryan, John     Veterans AC
    Ryan, John     Loughton AC
    Ryan, Pat     Overseas
    Ryan, Peter     Ilford AC
    Ryan, Tim     Trent Park RC
    Rycroft, Steven     Unattached (IOM)
    Ryder, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Ryder, Josh     Boys Brigade
    Ryder, Peter     Unattached (IOM)