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 Name  Club

    O Brian, Declan     Bexley AC
    O Brien, Dan     Other Clubs
    O Brien, Michael     Unattached (IOM)
    O Callaghan, Bernie     Overseas
    O Connor, Brendan     Unattached (IOM)
    O Connor, Gary     Unattached (IOM)
    O Connor, John     Enfield & Haringey AC
    O Connor, Michael     Overseas
    O Connor, Tony     Unattached (IOM)
    O Dea, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    O Dell, T.     Royal Mail - Mount Pleasant
    O Domhnaill, Brian     Foyle Valley AC
    O Dwyer, Charlie     Schools
    O Dwyer, Jamie     Schools
    O Garo, Shaquon     Boys Brigade
    O Hanlon, Joe     Unattached (IOM)
    O Hara, Gareth     Unattached (IOM)
    O Hara, James     Bexley AC
    O Hara, Joseph     Bexley AC
    O Hara, Joshua     Bexley AC
    O Hare, Ben     Unattached (IOM)
    O Hare, Daniel     Unattached (IOM)
    O Hare, Steve     Unattached (IOM)
    O Kane, Mark     Coventry Godiva Harriers
    O Keefe, Peter     Oxford City AC
    O Kololrio, William     Bexley AC
    O Leary, David     Rugby & Northampton AC
    O Leary, Liam     Amman Valley Harriers
    O Loughlin, Pat     Unattached (IOM)
    O Mahony, Lorcan     Unattached (IOM)
    O Malley, Liam     Unattached (IOM)
    O Malley, Ronan     Unattached (IOM)
    O Meara, Tony     Unattached
    O Neil, E.     Schools
    O Neill, Jason     Unattached (IOM)
    O Neill, Jim     Unattached (IOM)
    O Neill, Robert     Overseas
    O Rawe, Alan     Ilford AC
    O Rawe, Jamie     unmarked or unknown club
    O Regan, Daithi     Unattached (IOM)
    O Reilley, P.     Royal Mail
    O Sullivan, J.     Royal Mail
    O Sullivan, M.     Royal Mail
    O Toole, Dermot     Unattached (IOM)
    O Toole, James     Unattached (IOM)
    O Toole, Joseph     Schools
    O’Mahony, Lorcan     Unattached (IOM)
    Oake, Robin     Unattached (IOM)
    Oakes, Billy     Schools
    Oakes, R.     Schools
    Oakley, Alex Harold     Overseas
    Oates, Ashley     Schools
    Oates, Gavin     Unattached (IOM)
    Oates, Michael     Unattached (IOM)
    Oates, Neil     Unattached (IOM)
    Oates, Steve     Unattached (IOM)
    Obern, Mark     Schools
    Oborn, Mark     Schools
    Odriozola, Mikel     Overseas
    Ogleby, Adam     Boys Brigade
    Ojastro, D.     Royal Mail - Mount Pleasant
    Okell, Tony     Unattached (IOM)
    Oldale, Richard     Unattached
    Oldam, Darrin     Unattached (IOM)
    Oldfield, Martin     Leicester WC
    Oldham, Darren     Unattached (IOM)
    Oldham, Ed     Unattached (IOM)
    Oldham, Peter     Unattached (IOM)
    Oldridge, Thomas     Boys Brigade
    Olerenshaw, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Oliver, Daniel     Unattached
    Oliver, John     Abingdon AC
    Oliver, Martin     Enfield & Haringey AC
    Oliver, Oisin     Overseas
    Olpin, J.     Schools
    Omeara, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Oneil, Anthony     Unattached (IOM)
    Openshaw, L.     Medway & Maidstone AC
    Oram, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    Oram, David     Harborough AC
    Oreshko, Justin     Unattached (IOM)
    Orinich, Sergey     Overseas
    Ormerod, Nick     Unattached (IOM)
    Ormond, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Ormsby, Alan     Unattached (IOM)
    Orpe, Peter     Essex Police AC
    Orr, Harry     Schools
    Orrell, Gwyn     Unattached (IOM)
    Orzel, Maks     Leicester WC
    Osborne, Mark     Unattached (IOM)
    Osgood, Roger     Havant
    Otter, E.     Schools
    Owen, Alastair     Unattached (IOM)
    Owen, Damian     Unattached (IOM)
    Owen, Euan     Schools
    Owen, Gary     Unattached (IOM)
    Owen, Nigel     Unattached (IOM)
    Owen, Peter     Unattached (IOM)
    Owen, Phillip     Tamworth AC
    Owen, Richard     Tonbridge AC
    Owes, John     Unattached
    Oxley, Scott     Essex Police AC
    Ozcan, L.     Schools
    Ozenturk, Yusuf     Unattached (IOM)